About us
cms2CMS (Cotswolds Microsystems) is a highly experienced electronic design and development company, formed in 1982. The in house team of hardware and software engineers design and develop product for use throughout the world, with the associated experience in product homologation using test labs in Australia, Europe, South Africa and USA. In 2011 our export sales exceeded £12 Million. Our Worldwide reputation for product quality and customer support is a tribute to the commitment and dedication of our ever-expanding clientele.CMS uses only tried-and-tested proprietary hardware and software, conforming to all European legislation (including the latest E.M.C directive).CMS machines include various customisable options like game logic, payment/payout methods and Artwork.Please feel welcome to discuss your ideas/proposals with our research and development team. Our product range extends across the full spectrum of the amusement and gaming industry, including new machines, rebuilds, conversion kits, hardware/software development and now online development.